Letter from Karsten

September 3, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It is an honor to officially accept the call to become your next pastor.  

This is an exciting season of our family’s life and ministry as we anticipate all that awaits us in Zeeland.  Our oldest daughters are excited about attending Lincoln Elementary.  Our youngest daughters are excited about exploring the manse and being so close to the Main Street candy store.  Gretchen and I are excited about the prospect of walking our children to school, being next door to a beautiful library, having restaurants a block away, and in being in a locale where neighbors talk on the front steps and invest in each other’s lives.  We’re the most excited about what it means to participate in what God is doing and will complete at 2nd.  

I’d like to personally thank the search committee, executive committee and consistory for their leadership in this search process.  I was especially impressed by everyone’s willingness to be transparent.  I’d like to thank the staff for their extra patience and dedication during the transition.  I’d also like to thank the various persons who have already begun the work of preparing the manse for our family.  

It is with eager anticipation that we plan on moving and starting at 2nd Reformed in the beginning of October.  I look forward to working with the consistory and staff in planning how to best transition into your life and join you in serving Christ.  In the meantime, I also ask for your prayers as we begin the process of ending our time at Trinity.  Our family has invested its life at Trinity and it is difficult to leave a community in which love is mutually reciprocated.  Yet we leave Trinity and join you at 2nd with great confidence in God’s past, present and future faithfulness.

Please feel free to use my new email address: karsten@srczeeland.org.  Once in Zeeland, I want to meet you, visit you, share coffee with you, listen to you, and pray with you.           

With Gratitude and Joy,



 Voskuil Family

Voskuil Family