Crossroad Bible Institute Inmate Art Exhibit

The Visual Arts Ministry is pleased to announce its spring exhibit, March 3, 2013 - May 26, 2013, a traveling exhibit from the Crossroad Bible Institute in Grand Rapids.

Crossroad Art Gallery, a part of the work of the Crossroad Bible Institute, was established in 2009 to honor and showcase the artistic expressions of students who create inspiring artwork despite the challenges imposed by prison bars. Both the CBI Gallery and its traveling show give viewers a more complete vision of those in prison and encourage unity within the body of Christ.

Uses of particular artistic symbols show themes to look for in the works on display: butterflies and birds (freedom), flowers and delicate scenes (new way of life), streams and bridges (a new direction or path), landscapes and open spaces (desire for the inaccessible world), family or loved ones (regret and remorse for hurt, and hope for the future), self portraits (reflection, contrition and search for new identity), skulls and crosses with flowers (seeking for transformation), scenes of innocence (desire for purity and simplicity), and Biblical subjects (visualization of truth found in scripture).  The process of art creation offers healing, transformation, communication and worship to inmates.

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(Photo Credits: Lynn Bekins)