The basic leadership structure of the church is called the Consistory, and is composed of installed elders, deacons, and ministers. We strive for diverse leadership that reflects our church body.  

Board of Elders
Ann Query (2019), Keith VanZoeren - Vice President of Consistory (2019), Ruth Berghorst (2020), Susan Den Herder - Chair of the Elders (2020), Mary Bosscher (2021), John Jobson (2021)

Board of Deacons
Robert Blanton (2019), Cortney Sluiter - Chair of the Deacons (2019), Neil Besteman (2020), Melissa Boersma (2020), Lynette Lam (2021), Brad Norden - Treasurer of Consistory (2021)  


Eric Barnes

Rev. Eric Barnes


Gordon Bruns

Gordon Bruns

Director of Music

Aaron Goodyke

Aaron Goodyke

Choral and Organ Scholar in Residence


Kathi Carlson

Financial Coordinator


Miriam Barnes

Rev. Miriam Barnes

Pastor, President of Consistory

Amber Eledge

Amber Eledge


Doug Postma

Doug Postma

Facilities Manager


Heidi Rodriguez

Office Administrator,