A Commitment to Prayer: Daughters of the Trinity

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Daughters of the Trinity is a prayer ministry of the women at Second Reformed Church.  Daughters was created to support the ministry of the local church through committed and disciplined daily prayer.  The particular work of the Daughters of the Trinity is to pray for the clergy and the membership of our church.  We are also committed to being ecumenically focused, so we uphold in prayer the community of Zeeland, its leadership, its churches, and its unique needs.

Being a part of Daughters of the Trinity means committing to praying one brief prayer for our church and the churches in our community each day.  There are NO meetings to attend, no cost to you, and it can be done in your home at any time it’s convenient for you. Even though this commitment appears to be small, the impact of these focused prayers has the potential to be very great.

Second Reformed Church is not a congregation mired in a rut of maintenance and preservation, but a sacred place, a powerful place, committed to, and overflowing with, transformational ministry.  Your pastors need your prayer support and they have encouraged the development of Daughters of the Trinity.  As a member of this congregation you can help them every day, by praying for them.  Daughters of the Trinity gives you a form and a structure to support you in that prayer commitment.

Please view our informational brochure to learn more about Daughters. 



The Daughter's Prayer:

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit:

We enter your fellowship to ask your blessing on Second Reformed Church in Zeeland, on our clergy, and our entire church family.  Empower Second Church and all the churches in Zeeland to spread the gospel, to do justice, and to live into your call to love.  Thank you for the Daughters of the Trinity.  Bless each one with strength, love and courage.  Make us diligent and resolute in our commitment to lives of prayer as we serve you in this church and community.  Bind us together with all believers in the community of the Holy Three.   Amen.