Advent is Here!

The church has been decorated for Christmas!  It looks amazing!  And we are all ready to jump into Advent and anticipate the coming of our King.  

Here's what Gordon had to say about Advent:

Advent means "Coming." At the beginning of a new church year, this season directs our focus onto being alert, prepared, and eagerly awaiting the appearance of Christ. While much of society and many religious activities are focused on Christmas, the church has a larger scope of vision as it looks for Christ's coming. We glean the prophetic teachings to Israel for application to our 21st century lives. We take seriously the apostolic teachings calling us to expect Christ to come a second time for a day of judgment. We heed John the Baptist's call to prepare a way in the rough and desolate places of the world, so that Christ may come to them. We hear again how even the promise of Christ's arrival turns so many things upside down. And, finally, we are reminded of how God's love became incarnate in the child Jesus, whose birth set in motion our own salvation. Let this season enrich all of your preparations for the coming of Christ, not only at Christmas, but in every place and every time that hope, peace, joy, and love are needed.

So come join us for a service this Advent.  We hope to see you here.