Deep and Wide Building Campaign



  • Steel framing for the new northern entrance continues.

  • New coffee bar installed.

  • Paint and plaster repair to begin in Sanctuary.


In early 2015 Second Reformed Church launched a Capital Campaign after prayerfully discerning how our building could be better utilized in our mission to share Christ's all-embracing love with our neighbors. In addition to repairing the organ, we are updating the building to create more functional space for current partnerships, programs, ministries and future opportunities. Construction began in fall of 2017 and is estimated to finish in early summer of 2018. We at Second Reformed Church are thankful to the many who have offered prayers, words of encouragement, and financial support during this campaign.


The Deep and Wide Building Campaign for Second Reformed Church in Zeeland was conceived early in 2015, but its origins stretch back over 100 years to our founding. We were a missional church before anyone used such terminology, emphasizing hospitality as we welcomed and served our neighbors. Second Reformed was the first English-speaking church in Zeeland, and has continued living out its missional DNA by being in tune with the needs of our neighbors and responding with Christ’s love, a marriage of faith and action.

This union of faith and action urges us to continually go “Deep and Wide”. A desire for DEEP compels us to learn and experience both what it means to be loved by and to serve the risen Christ. A movement towards WIDE prompts us to welcome everyone: the well and the unwell, the rich and the poor, she who loves church and he who is uncertain. We invite every person into the fellowship of our family.


Near to the heart of downtown Zeeland, Second Reformed Church is in a great location in a critical moment for the church as we seek to embody the gospel in fresh ways and join the Holy Spirit in transforming every person who walks through our doors. We envision a future where our physical building is a tool that supports and strengthens our ministry to each other and our neighbors.

The building project focuses on several key areas of improvement:


While our southern-facing front entry is stately and beautiful, people primarily use the northern entry that faces downtown. However, it is not fully accessible and does not welcome the community as an obvious entrance. We desire for our “city side” entry to visually usher in the community and be accessible for all who wish to enter.

Updates to the North Entry and First Floor:

  • Design an attractive and welcoming new entrance
  • Make it accessible to all
  • Provide energy conservation and green roof
  • Expand lobby area to include more seating
  • Create additional storage space
  • Add new square footage upstairs for meeting and conference rooms
  • Add new ADA-compliant restrooms
  • Re-envision coffee serving area.
  • Remodel entrance to the nursery and Little Lambs rooms


One of our most critical resources for fostering creativity and thoughtfulness in worship is the design of our sanctuary and chancel area. We are creating a space that can host a rich variety of worship offerings, as well as concerts, dialogues, and lectures.

Updates to the Chancel Area:

  • Make all chancel elements adaptable, movable, and removable to increase flexibility and accessibility
  • Adapt the floor space to increase capability for different configurations of choristers, instrumentalists, or audience
  • Provide sound amplification
  • Create new storage space behind chancel for instruments
  • Add new sacristy area behind chancel
  • Add new lift for full access to chancel level


Our warmly liturgical worship shares the historic and contemporary message of life in Christ. Although a variety of instruments help us make music, the pipe organ of Second Reformed Church is crucial to enlivening our worship. We are restoring the 44-year old organ and making the organ console moveable to further utilize the chancel.

Organ restorations & improvements:

  • Restore organ console with new technology
  • Repair and maintain pipes and organ works
  • Make the console movable
  • Add new pipes, including some exposed pipes


Our kitchen plays a key role in our ministry's mission to go deep and wide. While it is used for Wednesday night dinners and youth group meals, many avoid using it because of limited preparation and serving capability. The updated design addresses these needs and provides a usable kitchen that can accommodate potential new ministries, such as a neighborhood meal ministry, where we can feed and welcome people with true nourishment.

Updates to the kitchen:

  • Increase footprint of kitchen
  • Add dishwashing equipment, freezer, and exhaust fan that meet code
  • Create a beverage bar and counter space
  • Add and reconfigure preparation and serving capability


Please contact one of the leaders of the construction phase of our capital campaign, Ann Query or Tom DenHerder.

Financial questions may be directed to our treasurer, Kathi Carlson (


Our budget for this project via gifts and pledges:


The generosity of members and friends has been wonderful. To account for the immediate cash-flow needs of the construction project, we'll use a building loan. Your fulfilled pledges in the next few months allow us to take on less of a loan, and incur less interest, as well. Again, thank you for your generosity to not only our capital campaign, but also to our general budget. 

Finance-related questions may be directed to our treasurer, Kathi Carlson (

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